Welcome to all who want to jump in Devil's Pool

This is the beginning of the Devil's Pool blog. It will be moderated by me, Roddy von Seldeneck, with regular contributions from the esteemed and vivifying Andrew Gary Baker.

We will answer some questions that may or may not be frequently asked.....

Question #1 -- Roddy, can I have your phone number?

Answer -- No....well, maybe.

Question #2 -- Are you guys crazy or what?

Answer -- Not at all....you are the one who is crazy for NOT jumping in Devil's Pool when it is really cold. Nothing feels better. Except when i JIZZ IN MY PANTS.

Question #3 -- Where is Devil's Pool?

Answer -- That is for us to know and for you to find out...preferably by sending us an email and asking us if we will take you.

Question #4 -- When is the best time to go to Devil's Pool?

Answer -- The moment we get an email from you asking us if we will take you there....because anytime is the best time to go to Devil's Pool. Today it was 31 degrees outside....what did we do? We went to Devil's Pool and jumped in. Watch the video below to learn more.

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