December 14th - Post #2 - Written by Andrew Gary Baker

Hello to Rodman and all the "Devils Pool Is Really Cool" readership. I want to update all of us on todays gnarly adventure.

First things first however, Sean Kenney asks "When is the next sacrifice at the devil's pool?" Umm, Sean this is contingent upon the schedules of a few people, I will get back to you.

The temp today climbed to 44 degrees, 13 degrees warmer than yesterday air degrees wise. Shortly we will be able to report the water temp as well (we are currently working on this). Our dear friends Cara, Christine, and Nicole were along with Roddy and I. Nicole took the plunge!! I feel it is important for me to note that the newcomer is the most important person at Devils Pool. the initiation of the Devil's Pool virgin is inspirational for all involved and reminds us of who we were before Devil's Pool became a ceaseless source of beauty and peace in our own lives, thus Roddy's and my own devotion to Devil's Pool pilgrimages.

Cara, yesterday's camerawoman, offered bountiful encouragement as did Christine, today's camerawoman and apparent burgeoning commentator (Christine, I see Meet The Press in your future).

It is redundant but nonetheless true to say the experience was, amazing! The words do not come easily to describe the deliciousness of the process. Despite this fact, I'm going to give a brief account of my own pleasure to serve as a meager substitute until you come yourself for a wintery dip:

Poised for a dive above the waters on a cold blustery day I feel unconscious fears brimming to the surface of my physical being, unresolved tensions express themselves in bitter pangs of anxiety. I feel lonely and separated from the seemingly cold, hard world which surrounds, so full of residents disjointed by passionate feelings of ethnic superiority, passionate nationalism, fanatical religious ideologies etc. the differences between myself and others appear overwhelming, endless and I'm bewildered by it all. I summon the courage to let go of this captivating fear with a leap into an ever-inviting pool below. The water feels ice cold and exhilaration streams through my veins. Beneath the surface of Devil's Pool an extraordinary transformation is occurring, I am welcomed into an glorious realm of union with the waters flowing through the pool. As i climb out, my body may be shivering slightly, but it may not only be resulting from the frigid waters but also evidence of the boundless love i feel for the oneness of creation. As I depart with friends, I feel we are part of (rather than apart from) the encapsulating woods and maybe, just maybe, we can carry a bit of the serenity Devil's Pool has so freely given to us out into the surrounding world.

As much as the devilspool experience is an earthy celebration of the natural world we all are part of, it too is an indispensable ingredient of my spiritual practice.

Peace out, and before I forget, Sean, any free time upcoming?
Andrew Gary Baker

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