December 27th - by Andrew Gary Baker

I recently spoke with our friend Jodi Schaff and an interesting topic came up. Jodi asked if there have been any dramatic alterations in my outer life since I have been taking part in the Devil's Pool winter mission. I answered that all of my problems seem to remain when I rise out of the water, but it sure is fun!

Today two new pilgrims, Deb Riley and Pamela Anderson (believe it or not), joined Roddy and I for the trip to Devil's Pool (for the most part we went without video due to the weather). Since early December, Deb Riley has been grappling with her desire to experience Devil's Pool versus her overwhelming fear of the harsh cold. Pamela Anderson has had a hip replacement, and though she yearns for the splendor a natural retreat such as Devil's Pool offers, she wasn't sure it is practical anymore for her to make the hike. Today these two women surpassed their limiting beliefs of their own selves. What did we learn at Devil's Pool today through these women? Beauty.

So to revisit Jodi's question, what does change when we transcend our constrictive beliefs of who we are, our imprisoning beliefs of what we are capable of accomplishing? Our mind and our hearts are the filters through which we experience the world. I guess if we change our minds and hearts about our self, then we change nothing outwardly. However, we change our experience of everything!

Dare to step outside of yourself and experience something more powerful than your confining fears. You should come with us next time we go.

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