So as much as it pains us to trek far from our beloved Devils Pool, Cara, Christine, Roddy and I made our way to the Cape May shoreline for a radical adventure.

Shortly after arriving at the Rod Mans splendid beachfront villa, the four of us walked out towards the water on a most picturesque day. Rain fell steadily, the air temp hit the upper 30's, and the sun hid behind a dense conglomeration of dark clouds. The ocean and the sky blended together with magnificent dreariness. We were reminded, "Every silver linings got a touch of grey" and I thought to myself, "Kinda suits you anyway."

Due to the hard rain we did not capture video of this first expedition, but I speak for Roddy as well when I say that Christine and Cara proved their mettle by resolutely entering the clamorous waters and coming out all the stronger for it. Roddy and I enjoyed the change of scenery hitting the ocean not only on this occasion but again at dusk. Wonderful.

We all were greeted in the morn by brighter skies (allowing for video) and by cooler temps. We were now now freezing, literally. A daunting task lay ahead but the four of us headed for the edge of the earth and determinedly immersed ourselves in the chilling waters.

My three amigos agree the experience was a rewarding one but we are always excited to return to our bitter cold, inviting Devils Pool! You should come with us next time we go. Roddy and I will be making the plunge the next three days (12/24,25,&26) with various friends each day. We would be all too happy to bring you along. Let us know when you'll be joining us.

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