It was a very Merry Christmas at Devil's Pool

December 25th is a day for exchanging gifts, cheer, and good will. All of these things were in abundant supply as we trekked to Devil's Pool with our friends Prather Ann, her brother Franklin and his girlfriend Glenna. The weather itself was "gift" number 1. It was as if God had read the previous blog post (before I even wrote it, which I am sure he can do, that silly guy).

Glenna was the camera woman and as she was seated up on top of the Northern rock face Andrew Gary and I ascended the upper rocks to the West so as to present more visually delightful jumps into the beauitful pool. The higher jumps and the return of Prather Ann led to the "cheer" for me.

Then, right as we were getting ready to take our plunges, an extended family of 8 or so, out on a Christmas hike, came around the Western ridge and stood face to face with Andrew Gary in his fantastically floral bathing suit. Quite obviously, he asked, "You guys going for a swim?" This was an example of the "good will" the day was delivering.

Anyway, the video says it all much more beautifully than I can write it (thanks to Glenna!!!)

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