December 26th - by Andrew Gary Baker

December 26 was yet another joyous celebration of life (oh, and Nicole Palazzolo's birthday!) at Devil's Pool. Nicole, Becca, Roddy and myself frolicked gleefully upon the rocks and (quite obviously) in the pool below. Nicole and Becca both made their second trek to Devil's Pool this December, which should encourage those of you who question just how awesome the Devils Pool experience is in December.

While I have the opportunity, I want to accept Rodman's offer to answer Terry Thompson's question concerning whether God knows about Devil's Pool.

I'm not going to give a theistic nor an atheistic traditional answer. Beliefs can have a tendency to be somewhat limiting and I'm choosing to suspend belief and disbelief for the sake of maintaining an open mind. What is important to realize is that Devil's Pool is a wonderland for us mortals. The beauty of Devil's Pool reaches a crescendo with the understanding that we are creatures destined to die in a creation which is itself fleeting. As much as we may like to stress our self-importance with thoughts of our past and of our future, these self-aggrandizing misconceptions are largely fiction. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow never comes. We have the present moment alone, all else only theoretically. In the words of Achilles, "Every moment is precious because we are doomed. You will never be more beautiful than you are now." So, I'm sorry to skirt around the question like Sarah Palin but the answer is inconsequential because the sanctuary of Devils Pool Terry, is for us mortals.

Some photos from the day:

Thanks so much to Christine Hennessey for taking such great footage for us. You are awesome!!!!

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